It Had

to be


A site-specific installation for the lobby of Gallery 400, Chicago, IL
Archival inkjet prints and acrylic on acrylic mirrors
Four prints, 34x51" each

This project uses the practical function of the lobby as an origin point for navigation around the building as a means to investigate subject positions in relation to photography, space, and memory. The work consists of four photographs in the lobby—each with one CMYK channel removed—and four paintings made on mirrors and placed a the hallway on the fifth floor of this building. The secluded mirror paintings are visible in the photographs, which are taken looking through them at a temporarily installed sculpture. However, when viewers seek out the site seen in the photographs, they discover only ghostly echoes—a space not immediately recognizable, yet hauntingly familiar. small final-7256.jpg nov re 17-7774.jpg nov re 17-7766.jpg