Selected artwork made since March 2020. Bedroom 2 Head on 950.jpg
Bedroom/Sea Change (Formfit XIX/Bodysuit)

Artist-made bodysuit, inkjet prints on cotton, used bedsheets, foam, metal and plastic hardware; 36x73x5”; 2021 Bathroom 950.jpg
Hey Nicky/Bathroom

Sewn inkjet prints on cotton sateen, vinyl-coated fabric, muslin, and faux fur, zipper, over foam; 22x13x3"; 2021 Teardrop Head on 1000.jpg
Pointy Pillow

Sewn cotton and vinyl-coated fabric over foam; 30x16x4"; 2021 700.jpg
Angel Skin Satin (Tension)

Sewn satin, lycra, and canvas over wooden stretcher; 36x36”; 2020.

Photos courtesy of Jesse Meredith 678_v2.jpg
Angel Skin Sateen (Compression)

Sewn inkjet prints on cotton sateen over wooden stretcher; 36x36”; 2020 850_v2.jpg
Formfit XVII (Remnants/Tank Top)

Artist-made reversible tank-top, sewn lycra and vinyl-coated fabric, canvas, and plastic hardware over wooden stretcher; 40x30x4"; 2020